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Your IoT business needs the right business model

The Internet of Things isn’t about technology.
It’s about your business.

The ability to track products and services in use means your business can respond to customer behavior. In turn, this innovative connectivity can lead to new analytics and services for more effective forecasting, process optimization, and customer service experiences. Businesses that want to take advantage of these IoT opportunities will need to adapt their current business models—or find new ones—if they want to succeed. 

In this interactive e-book, you’ll see the different approaches your business can take in the transition to IoT. Do you want upfront revenue or a continuous revenue stream? Can you charge more for your product because it’s highly differentiated? Knowing the answers to these and other questions will help you determine which business model is right for your IoT solution. Sign up to explore new business models that you can enable with an IoT solution.

Success with IoT starts
with the right strategy


Choose the right IoT-
enabled business model


Start your IoT engines