Put identity at the center of your security strategy

Security requirements change as organizations embrace mobility and the cloud. Instead of layering multiple stand-alone protection solutions, you may want to consider a more comprehensive and innovative approach and build your security strategy around identity.
Securing the integrity of your identities lays a foundation for greater IT visibility, management, and protection across your users, devices, apps, and data. You can detect threats earlier and respond faster with identity-driven security.

Protect your organization with the most sophisticated and adaptable security strategy. Start with one secure, common identity.

Take a more informed, agile, and comprehensive security posture with an identity-driven security strategy. By giving each of your users a single, common identity for everything they do, you can enable more sophisticated and adaptable security.

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With identity-driven security, your users can get work done on any device, on any platform, and without any disruptions. With a single, common identity for everything they do, you can deliver a consistent, reliable, and productive user experience.

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Security that travels with user identities

A single, common identity will help you improve the protection and management of user credentials and permissions. With identity-driven security you can effectively layer security capabilities, like Multi-Factor Authentication and risk analysis for each sign-on.

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Anywhere productivity, all the time

With one secure identity, make it easy for your users to automatically connect to all the apps and data they use with single sign-on to thousands of SaaS applications. Even better, you can also enable self-service tasks like password changes that save IT time.

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Flexible oversight of any device

Identity-based device management extends security and access policies to even personal devices data and apps—you can also apply policies at the app and data level when devices are not enrolled.

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More device choice

Your users can easily work from personal devices—no enrollment required—using managed apps or apps protected with corporate policies so they can still enjoy secure access and protected data from any device.

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Robust data security and compliance

Protect your data anywhere—even when shared outside your organization. Define access permissions based on identity or data sensitivity for increased control over how users interact with files, including restrictions on editing and saving. You can also rescind access at any time.

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Secure collaboration beyond company walls

Your users can collaborate with partners, vendors, clients, and anyone else outside your organization without having to take extra steps to ensure data remains confidential and protected.

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More control over shadow IT

Adding a cloud access security broker to your identity-driven security strategy can give you greater visibility and control over SaaS app usage, including discovery of unapproved or unsecured third-party apps. Set controls to reduce and prevent risky behavior in the cloud and control access in real time based on conditions and session context.

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Anytime app access with less risk

Protect users from risky interactions with any cloud application in real time. Assess each user-app interaction so that users can work freely, only encountering disruption when risk or vulnerability is detected. Users can enjoy flexible access to tools with comprehensive protection when it’s needed.

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Preemptive threat detection

Protect your organization from advanced and targeted attacks with intelligent analytics that analyze, learn, and identify normal versus abnormal user behavior. Identity-driven security can maximize investments in behavior analytics, machine learning, and graph intelligence for an advantage over even the most sophisticated attacks.

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Threat protection in the background

Sophisticated behavioral analytics work behind the scenes to protect the integrity of user identities. Without disruption, users can better inform their own security protocol to build better protection for their identity, devices, apps, and data—wherever they may be working.