Six Cloud Data Challenges Solved for App Developers

Your next project is looming, and you have one or two major issues to figure out before you can get to developing.

Maybe it’s protecting your customers’ data, or making sure your app performs well in new markets worldwide. Perhaps your boss is asking how you’re plugging in AI and advanced analytics because that’s what everyone’s talking about these days. Or it could be as simple as finding a better cloud provider so you don’t have latency issues and downtime every weekend.

Whatever's holding you up, we’re here to help turn these blockers into opportunity—with not just answers, but technical solutions that will wow your customers (and your boss), add value to your products, and get you back to what you love: coding.

Who should read this:

We created this e-book and experience for developers focused on the requirements of their next cloud project and its critical data challenges. We’ve included the technical details specific to each scenario, and, if you’re working these issues, you’ll be familiar with the concepts we unpack and, hopefully, find value in the solutions we explore.

Scenario 1: Enterprise-proven services

With customers complaining about every minor app slowdown, you’re ready for a cloud provider that scales with your needs. It’s time to play in the big leagues with high availability, ironclad security, and the performance your users demand.

Scenario 2: Multitenant SaaS applications

You’re building an app with gobs of critical data for many different customers, and you need to keep that data secure and distinct, all while scaling as demand grows. How do you balance the availability and privacy of your cloud data?

Scenario 3: Fast access to data around the globe

Your new app supports some awesome real-time personalization features, but you're worried how quickly the app can connect to the data that drives that personalization, especially for users on the other side of the planet.

Scenario 4: Big data and advanced analytics

You’ve mastered data collection, but now your boss wants more—namely, “actionable insights” for senior leadership. How do you take the raw data you have, run the complex calculations necessary, and produce results that inform critical business decisions?

Scenario 5: Artificial intelligence

You’re seeing plenty of opportunities to add artificial intelligence (AI) to your next project, whether it’s support automation with chatbots or enhancing your customers’ interactions with face and speech recognition. How should you start integrating AI?

Scenario 6: Security and compliance

The company upstairs just got hacked, and it was alarming how quickly they shut down. Now your office is buzzing about the security of your customers’ data. How do you ensure your users’ information is protected with the latest enterprise-level defenses?